Smart office trends you can realise through asset finance

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With the rise in smart technology systems, businesses across the globe are implementing this technology within their offices to increase productivity and optimise operations, among other benefits. Now that these systems can be realised through asset finance solutions, more and more businesses in South Africa can join the smart revolution. This empowers South Africans with the opportunity to successfully compete with local and international players in their industry. Read on to find out which smart office systems are currently trending, as well as what benefits they offer to businesses across multiple industries.

Real-Time Energy Monitoring

There are various system solutions available that provide businesses with comprehensive power management capabilities. Energy monitoring smart systems empower commercial enterprises with the ability to monitor and measure consumption of building assets. With this information, businesses can ascertain and understand their overall energy footprint and determine where energy may be being wasted. Sensors can be attached to key operating equipment, such as motors, pumps and fans, measuring the power usage of each device. This can also help businesses spot any anomalies for proactive maintenance.

Automated Demand Control

Demand control takes energy management one step further. Energy optimisation systems can be set up to effectively control high-power devices based on the demand of operations. Devices, using sensor technology, IoT and smart systems, are then only used when necessary, reducing your business’ energy consumption. An example of this would be ventilation control, where ventilation is only used for various operations when needed based on the temperature and other analytics.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation refers to the automation of manual processes using predefined business rules. This means that all repetitive, manual and mundane admin tasks that get in the way of employees doing better and greater things with their time are responded to and completed using advanced software, and sometimes Artificial Intelligence (AI). The following are common examples of processes that can be automated to increase productivity:

  • Proposal Approvals
  • Leave Requests
  • Product Pricing
  • New Project Requests, amongst others.

With Asset Finance, Businesses Can Now Go Smart

Asset finance, offered through business finance and advisory services, will allow businesses to get the right finance for smart office automation systems. With tailor-made asset finance solutions that are suited to each business’ unique requirements, South African enterprises can now get the opportunity to compete on an international level and improve productivity, the smart way.

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