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In 2007, Merchant West Working Capital Solutions (MWWCS) was founded with a focus on assisting our clients to grow their businesses through cash flow management and planning. Our experienced team currently offers 4 product solutions to our clients which have been specifically tailored to optimise and improve the day-to-day cash flow of their business.

 Our four products are:

  • Invoice Discounting
  • Trade Finance
  • Bridging Loans
  • Medium Term Loans

Here we make specific reference to one of our more popular solutions known as Invoice Discounting. Invoice Discounting affords our clients the opportunity to unlock cash flow against the amounts due to them from their debtors. Merchant West Working Capital Solutions is able to unlock cash flow for our clients as we purchase qualifying debtor invoices and “pay” our client directly for the purchase of this invoice. This enables the client to leverage off an idle asset on the balance sheet. Through this solution, our clients are then able to reinvest into their business and its operations earlier than what would traditionally been the case where cash flow remained “locked up” in a business’s debtors for extended periods of time.

The major attraction of invoice discounting is that the facility is designed to keep pace with our client’s growth. Simply put, we are able to increase the cash flow available to our clients as their sales start to increase.

The benefits of Invoice Discounting that we provide our existing clients include:

  1. Increased cash flow which helps them to secure early settlement discounts, benefit from bulk purchases and enjoyment of stronger bargaining power
  2. The ability to accept large orders with the confidence of knowing that finance will be available against their debtors and that funding will be available against increased sales
  3. Increased liquidity to take advantage of business growth opportunities
  4. The ability to offer normal trade credit to debtors instead of having to grant early settlement discounts to get cash into the business.
  5. Having cash flow available to ease seasonal or cyclical requirements
  6. The ability to settle trade creditors earlier which improves the credit worthiness of the business

Our current portfolio is made up of clients operating across numerous industries. Our sales, operations and credit teams are highly qualified and experienced individuals who have an in-depth understanding of the dynamics associated with each specific industry.  We remain up to date with the developments across these industries and the general economy which allows us to better understand the unique requirements and developments of each one of our clients as they operate in their chosen industry.

We make a point of meeting our clients on an ongoing basis which allows us to develop a relationship centred around trust and mutual understanding. Through continuous engagement, our team is constantly striving to gain a better understanding of our client’s ever-adapting cash flow requirements, and Invoice Discounting has proven to be a very successful solution for our clients.

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